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Communication Solutions

InterGlobal Communication Group provides customized Communication Solutions to help meet your consumer engagement needs.  Our team brings a wealth of cross-industry expertise to drive relevant cost effective results.  Through our customized communication solutions we will partner with you to enhance the customer experience, improve operational efficiencies and impact revenue growth.    

Do you have the right staff and resources to handle Inbound/Outbound consumer communications?

Our solutions provide a positive experience for your customers as they interact with your organization.  Our live Experience Agents engage your target consumer population exactly the way your staff would and will provide a professional, reliable, positive interaction. We have developed and manage successful engagement programs for many prominent organizations.  

It all starts with an assessment and review of your call center campaign requirements.  We then develop and provide a detailed customized solution based upon your needs.  Our Agents are trained according to your protocols with a focus on providing a high quality experience for your customers.  Each campaign has an assigned Account Manager to monitor the success of the campaign and to ensure that all metrics are being met.


Communication Solutions

  • Government
    Identity theft is a growing problem. Current advances in technology inspire criminals to find more sophisticated ways to get thier hands on other people’s sensitive information. We use state-of-the-art processes to protect individuals with Identity Verification services. InterGlobal helps government agencies reduce fraud and waste.
  • Life Sciences & Biotechnology
    As advances in science and medicine grow, so does the need for high quality and accurate communication channels.  With our Communication Solutions your organization will no longer have to worry about communication challenges.  InterGlobal has the communication solutions you need to keep your research, clinical studies and production services moving forward.
  • Outbound Support Services
    InterGlobal provides a fully customized solutions for your consumer engagement needs. Whether it is surveys, product/service change notification,  event reminders or prospective outreach campaigns, we can assist.
  • Inbound Support Programs
    Are you receiving a high volume of incoming calls making it difficult for your staff to handle?  Our inbound support programs are fully customizable to address your needs.  Whether you need support during peak hours or dedicated support our solutions can help.


  • Marketing Campaigns
    Our solutions are customized and designed to meet your marketing campaign goals. We provide a multi-channel approach that supports, tracks and documents results for each outbound/inbound marketing campaign.
  • Higher Education                                                                                                              Your educational community is comprised of students, departments, administrators and other staff.  All with various needs from admissions to policy questions.  InterGlobal can be your centralized communications call center hub to assist with engagement initiatives.
  • Contact Center Consulting/Assessments
    Our consulting experience provides a practical, cost-effective approach.  We have the knowledge and experience to help our clients organize and maintain an optimal call center. We have completed major national and international call center projects as the lead project management consulting firm. Our approach is to conduct a full assessment of your call center environment to identify strengths, gaps/weaknesses provide recommendations and opportunities for developing and enhancing your call center operations.
  • Surveys
    InterGlobal will work with you design and implement impactful surveys to obtain important feedback from consumers-clients.  Successfully conducted surveys can highlight critical information.

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