Health System Solutions

Patient Access and Engagement Solutions

InterGlobal Communication Group provides customized Communication Solutions to help meet your increasing patient population needs.  Not having the right staff and resources to handle the increased call volumes leads to a decreased level of patient experience and satisfaction.  Our patient Communication Solutions are designed to improve Patient Access and the overall Patient Experience.

Our solutions provide a positive experience for your patients as they interact with your healthcare organization.  Our live Experience Agents engage your patient population exactly the way your staff would and will provide a reliable positive patient interaction.  

Patient Engagement Solutions

  • Scheduling – Access
    Our solutions are designed to help meet your increasing patient population needs and improve Access.  We provide a positive experience for your patients when trying to access your healthcare organization.  Our scheduling solutions will increase appointment fill rate and revenue growth and impact patients’ experience and satisfaction.  Our approach is to conduct an assessment of your current scheduling environment to gain an understanding of goals and objectives.  We then offer recommendations and options/solutions based on our observations. 
  • Daytime Call Management 
    Your staff can become overwhelmed with an influx of high call volumes.  Long hold times have a negative impact on patient experience and leads to decreased satisfaction.  InterGlobal offers high-quality dedicated and overflow daytime call management solutions  in which our professionally-trained Experience Agents answer both urgent and non-urgent calls. 
  • Inbound/Outbound Patient Communication Initiatives
    We can assist with your inbound/outbound patient communication initiatives when communicating critical patient information. We partner with you to develop customized outreach campaigns.
  • Automated Solutions
    Our automated solutions, text, voice and email are flexible and drive patient engagement. We can automate patient engagement efforts as an added touch point throughout the care continuum. Automated solutions that can enhance the patient experience include: Appointment reminders, class and event registration and other important patient outreach initiatives.
  • Post Discharge Solutions
    Our solutions will help to ensure that the quality of the patient experience after they have departed your organization is positive. Providing follow-up care, requesting feedback regarding patient satisfaction, and offering other services can create a more positive experience. Our approach is to encourage patient post discharge compliance, prevent readmissions and to identify and address concerns/issues.
  • Patient Surveys
    InterGlobal provides survey features that are specifically designed to grasp honest and critical feedback from patients. Successfully-conducted surveys can highlight any weak points or areas needed for improvement. When speaking to patients, we ask for their response on a wide range of topics, including the ease of getting an appointment, treatment by office staff and getting test results back in a timely manner. We are happy to tailor our surveys to fit specific needs and inquiries that our clients may have.
  • Physician Referral Solutions
    In the competitive healthcare market accessibility and convenience could be the difference between patients choosing your organization over a competitor’s. Our Physician Referral solutions allows your patients and prospective patients access to valuable physician information. 
  • Class/Event Registration
    A cost effective solution to enroll patients in upcoming classes and events.   Maximize class and event attendance and capture revenue.  
  • Medication Adherence
    Our solutions are designed to ensure that patients are adhering to their medication requirements.

Other Solutions