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InterGlobal Communication Groups’ primary focus is on serving the Healthcare Vertical by providing customized Communication and Consulting Solutions.  Through our solutions our Contact Center provides inbound, outbound, surveys, consulting and automated call solutions to Health Plans, Health Systems and Health Organizations. We are a consumer centric, healthcare focused Communication company.  The solutions we provide to the medical industry have an immediate impact resulting in positive outcomes.  Our solutions will assist with your Member and Patient Access and Engagement strategies to identify challenges and care gaps.  Our approach is to provide solutions that significantly improve the consumer experience.


Company Profile

For more than 18 years InterGlobal’s focus has been on achieving better results for our clients.


InterGlobal Communication Group is a call center that works with Health Plans, Accountable Care Organizations, Health Systems, Health Centers, Research companies and Government organizations by providing Consulting, Technology, Services and Outsourcing. Our call center in Worcester, Massachusetts provides live inbound, outbound,  and automated communication solutions resulting in over 300,000 inbound/outbound calls per month and over 45,000 automated calls per month for our clients. Because of this specialized focus, InterGlobal  is able to provide excellent customer service, superior quality in both data accuracy and security, customized consumer campaign development and specialized experienced bi‐lingual agents. 

  • Teleservices
  • Global Market Research
  • Live Consumer Care Service
  • Inbound/Outbound Communications Solutions
  • Healthcare Enrollment Services
  • Surveys, Public Opinion Polls and Feedback Outreach
  • Identity Verification Support
  • Contact Center Development & Consulting
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Aspect System/Network compatible with Avaya ACD Systems
  • Data Encryption and APC battery backup on services and critical systems
  • 3rd Party Security & Vulnerability Tests quarterly
  • PCI Data Security Standards (DSS) 3.0
  • Capacity to handle 50,000+ calls per hour
  •  150 Seat Call Center
  • Dell Computer Systems & Servers
  • HIPAA Certified
  • Massachusetts 201 CMR 17.00
Frequently Asked Questions


InterGlobal can provide standard and customized reporting that is associated with your support needs. While standard reporting includes data like Average Speed of Answer, Calls Received and Calls Abandoned,  Custom reporting  targets more specific components of  your support solution. 

Our agents are located at our corporate headquarters which is based in Worcester, Massachusetts.  Additionally, InterGlobal does have remote agents available when needed that are too located locally within the state of Massachusetts. 

Most agents at InterGlobal are bi-lingual (English and Spanish) and are supported by a language line that provides 124 different languages 24 hours a day.

As a flexible organization, InterGlobal is able make adjustments to any support or project very quickly. Most requests for changes can be handled sameday. For changes requiring technology adjustments, changes can be completed within 24 hours.

All agents undergo HIPAA training which includes the history, regulations, tips, rules and scenarios surrounding the regulation. Additionally, agents are tested on the material in order to secure their certification and are required to retrain, re-test and re-certify annually.