Numerous studies show that a breakdown in communication between hospital staffs and post-discharged patients often leads to expensive re-admissions and lowered patient satisfaction. InterGlobal offers elite services designed to reach out to post-discharged patients and decrease busy nurses’ workloads. Our friendly multi-lingual agents provide necessary follow-up calls to patients between 48 to 72 hours following hospital discharge. In each call, we provide a reliable support network for patients needing clarification ranging from instructions for prescribed medications to recognizing certain symptoms. In addition, our representatives arrange follow-up visits and act as coordinators between different medical professionals – all for the express benefit of the patient. InterGlobal excels in meeting our clients’ high expectations in these areas, because we understand just how vital patient satisfaction is for hospitals and their staffs.


1. Promotes patient satisfaction and may help to increase HCAHPS scores for hospitals.

2. Helps to prevent re-admissions of patients.

3. Reduces nurses’ daily workloads.

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