Healthcare Marketing

Email Marketing

Customers who submit e-mails to organizations expect recognition and a timely, satisfactory reply.  InterGlobal provides a state-of-the-art e-mail management service coordinated by specially-trained agents with exceptional writing and typing skills and multi-language fluency.  Our representatives create quick, helpful responses to customers’ e-mail inquiries, therefore ensuring the best customer satisfaction.

Medical Help Desk/HotLine

InterGlobal provides a superior medical help desk feature designed to assist customers and patients with a variety of services, including physician and prescription lookups for specific health plans and eligibility checks along with scheduling inquiries.  We are specialists of family care health services, and our friendly and helpful agents specialize in customer satisfaction.

Customer Acquisition & Retention

In association with our clients’ marketing or communications departments, InterGlobal assists in developing ads, brochures and sales materials directed toward prospective consumer segments.   Because we know that offering premium customer service is at the heart of every organization’s sustenance and growth, we work with our clients in a concerted effort to analyze and exceed customers’ levels of satisfaction.  Our agents implement qualitative and quantitative surveys over regular time intervals detailing customers’ experiences, and we provide valuable feedback with the goal of enhancing our clients’ profitability.

Enrollment Services

InterGlobal offers a top-notch service to physicians starting their first medical practice, moving from one practice to another or adding new doctors to their expanding practice.  Our provider enrollment services assist busy physicians and their staffs first by completing the various documents required by each health insurance plan as well as by Medicare and Medicaid.  Our specially-trained agents then contact the different plans on a frequent basis on behalf of medical practices, and provide doctors and their staffs with routine status updates until the entire process is finished.  With our broad and superior experience serving the needs of medical practices, we help doctors avoid the burdens and hassles of the cumbersome enrollment process.


1.      No sifting through red tape or filling out the same information repeatedly.

2.      Expert representatives expedite the entire enrollment process while providing regular updates to medical offices.

3.      Doctors may earn higher revenues once enrolled as a network provider

Post-Discharge Services

Numerous studies show that a breakdown in communication between hospital staffs and post-discharged patients often leads to expensive readmissions and lowered patient satisfaction.  InterGlobal offers elite services designed to reach out to post-discharged patients and decrease busy nurses’ workloads.  Our friendly multi-lingual agents provide necessary follow-up calls to patients between 48 to 72 hours following hospital discharge.  In each call, we provide a reliable support network for patients needing clarification ranging from instructions for prescribed medications to recognizing certain symptoms.  In addition, our representatives arrange follow-up visits and act as coordinators between different medical professionals – all for the express benefit of the patient.  InterGlobal excels in meeting our clients’ high expectations in these areas, because we understand just how vital patient satisfaction is for hospitals and their staffs.


1.      Promotes patient satisfaction and may help to increase HCAHPS scores for hospitals.

2.      Helps to prevent re-admissions of patients.

3.      Reduces nurses’ daily workloads.

Patient Referrals

InterGlobal offers a revolutionary referral service that connects patients with the doctors of their choice.  Potential patients call a toll-free number that is routed to our agents, who assist them in searching for their desired physician based on a number of ways, such as location, medical specialty, or whether the doctor is under a specified health insurance plan.  Upon the patient’s request, we can contact the physician’s office so the patient can speak directly with the staff to ask further questions.  In addition, our agents connect inquiring patients to pertinent clinical care centers or use a customized, professional script to convey requested information.

Vendor/Patient Surveys

InterGlobal provides survey features that are specifically designed to grasp honest and critical feedback from patients.  Successfully-conducted surveys can highlight any weak points or areas needed for improvement.  When speaking to patients, we ask for their response on a wide range of topics, including the ease of getting an appointment, treatment by office staff and getting test results back in a timely manner.  We are happy to tailor our surveys to fit specific needs and inquiries that our clients may have.