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A 2-Day (On-Site) Customer Service & Quality Advisory Service Program Specifically-Designed for Health Centers and Medical Offices– ($1,500.00+ Expenses)

Customer Service and Service Quality are often overlooked and undervalued areas of an organization’s operation.  Today, as never before, customer service representatives are the face and voice of a company.  Many times, these representatives are the only interaction patients have before they are directed to physicians or other healthcare providers.  Most of the time, they seldom see the healthcare center as a whole or the many wonderful things being done behind the scenes on their behalf.

Statistically, patients call only once or twice annually. Some never call but receive feedback, both positive and negative, from friends or family members.

With the new Health Reform initiative recently passed by Congress, medical providers will be encouraged (and in some cases mandated) to reach out to their patients in providing wellness programs and proactive preventative care.

This may place considerable demand on your service organization and staff.

InterGlobal Medical Call Center offers a two-day Customer Service and Quality Advisory Program that is designed to offer immediate feedback to key decision-makers and senior executives on the current status of their customer service operation.

Features and Deliverables:

1. Key meeting with Executive Staff, Administrators and Clinical Stakeholders

2. Brief analysis of key customer issues and quality concerns – Pros and Cons

3. Summary analysis (5 -7 pages), including a single page competitive analysis chart

Note: This service is not intended to be an in-depth analysis of health centers’ customer services or quality operations, but rather a snapshot of the key drivers that could improve member satisfaction, promote lower cost, and increase member retention.

InterGlobal is wholly committed to advocating excellent customer service standards within the medical industry.  We have more than 25 years of experience in customer service, contact center development, CS Training and market research.