Healthcare Information Management

Virtual Receptionist

InterGlobal’s dynamic virtual receptionist service enables our professional agents to answer our clients’ phones, thereby acting as virtual extensions of their staffs while saving them money.  Using our clients’ selected greetings and scripts, our agents can screen, transfer or forward incoming calls to the proper destinations while maintaining available call identification and routing records for our clients’ use.  We can send callers to voicemail, take a detailed message and send it to our clients’ e-mail, or reply to calls and/or e-mails in a friendly, courteous and helpful manner.


1.      Saves businesses money in full-time receptionist staffing costs.

2.      Enhances customer service through professionally-trained representatives experienced in high-volume telecommunications.

3.      Agents can send and reply to messages via e-mail.

4.      Incoming call identification can be tracked and transmitted to the client upon request.

Call Center Assessment, Design & Implementation

InterGlobal’s consulting experience provides practical, cost effective innovative change, insights and knowledge to help our clients organize and maintain an optimal call center model for business growth and flexibility.  We have completed major international call center projects with Fortune 500 companies as the prime call center project management consulting firm.  InterGlobal’s services in this aspect are unique:  First, we focus on “assessment” – going forward, not “what is wrong” – looking backward.  We conduct extensive marketing research via surveys for gauging purposes, and use our findings to conduct analyses of the issues, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for constructing and/or enhancing call center operations.  Then we provide project management or subject matter proficiency to design new centers or implement changes to existing ones. Throughout the entire process we partner with our clients to share our expertise, to guide them in developing the best solutions and processes possible, and to educate about potential pitfalls.


1.      Our assessment includes a series of surveys, interviews and observations to determine the mission and vision of a call center and its operations.

2.      We thoroughly review a call center’s business and member support requirements.

3.      Our strategy consulting services include call center design and implementation and business continuity/disaster recovery planning,

Customer Service Training

At InterGlobal, we realize that our business fortunes are very much dependent on the competency and skill set that our customer service agents possess.  That is why we conduct a stringent and highly encompassing training program that all of our representatives are required to pass.  We provide our agents with a clear, ongoing knowledge of the healthcare industry and its ever-changing rules and regulations.  In addition, we use the most advanced and intricate call center equipment and software to most efficiently serve our customers.   Most importantly, we ensure that our representatives understand their vital and fundamental role in offering supreme customer service to all those with whom they come in contact.  As a result, our customers and clients can expect a premium experience with InterGlobal.