Studies show that over 50% of callers do not leave a message on answering machines or voice mail. Unanswered calls often have a negative impact on a customer’s experience and lead to decreased satisfaction. InterGlobal offers a high-quality call overflow service, in which our professionally-trained agents take and dispatch calls of both an urgent and non-urgent nature. We answer each call so that it is customized to the nature of our client’s business – so that the caller will feel he is talking to our client’s office. Our agents take messages, process orders, schedule appointments and assist callers by giving requested instructions or directions. In addition, each system can be tailored to fit specific needs – from taking all incoming calls to taking only overflow calls or only non-urgent calls. Our representatives are capable of relaying messages from non-urgent calls to medical office staffs throughout the day via fax or e-mail. InterGlobal provides a variety of options to fulfill the client’s exact needs.


1. Callers are never placed on hold.

2. Non-urgent messages are sent to medical offices via e-mail or fax.

3. Calls can be customized to fit a business’ specific needs.

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