Customer Care

Live Answering Services

All medical professionals know that fast and efficient communication is essential for the satisfaction of their patients.  It is often the case that patients will remain with their primary care physician, as opposed to choosing another, based on the quality of their interactions with the doctor’s office.

Scheduling appointments, answering questions and reviewing test results with patients are just some of the routine daily tasks handled inside medical offices every day.  In such a busy and fast-paced environment, it is crucial that patients’ expectations are met. With InterGlobal’s answering service feature, the medical office phone is forwarded to a dedicated toll-free number, and our skilled and trained representatives happily assist in taking both standard and urgent calls from patients that would otherwise be missed.

But our answering service doesn’t end there.  Using our optimized voicemail feature, patients have the ability to leave messages, request prescription refills, schedule and cancel appointments, or request test results.  Physicians have the option of inserting their own personalized voice message format, and are able to access all of their messages twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.


1.      No busy signals for patients trying to reach their doctor’s office

2.      Every call is handled by a skilled and professional service representative

3.      Lower full time equivalents (FTEs) in handling calls by already busy medical staffs

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Automated Appointment Reminders

Studies show that patients miss 15-20% of weekly scheduled appointments at the average doctor’s office.  No-show rates are often much higher.  InterGlobal offers a premium appointment reminder service so medical professionals won’t have to worry about giving reminders to their patients every time their dates draw near.  Our professionally-trained service representatives will call patients and give them brief, friendly reminders of their upcoming appointments.  Patients will then have the option to confirm or cancel their appointment in advance, and we will instantly inform the medical office of any changes.


1.      Patients’ no-show rate is decreased by up to 40%.

2.      Patient reminders promote satisfaction.

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Nurse Advice Line

InterGlobal’s nurse advice line is staffed by highly-skilled and professional agents with access to a team of experienced RNs (registered nurses) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all-year round, to provide patients with first-rate clinical service.  Our staff assesses callers on their reported ailments and guides them toward the proper route of medical care.  We offer urgent and non-urgent assistance along with referrals and drug and medication information.  In addition, we actively educate callers on the positive lifestyle choices they have so they can make conscious decisions about their healthcare.  Our nurse advice line service delivers skillful medical advice to patients while also providing detailed call reports for our clients’ use.


1.      RN access is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

2.      Callers’ symptoms are analyzed and remedies are provided over the phone

3.      Detailed call reports are available upon request.

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Call Overflow

Studies show that over 50% of callers do not leave a message on answering machines or voice mail.  Unanswered calls often have a negative impact on a customer’s experience and lead to decreased satisfaction.  InterGlobal offers a high-quality call overflow service, in which our professionally-trained agents take and dispatch calls of both an urgent and non-urgent nature.  We answer each call so that it is customized to the nature of our client’s business – so that the caller will feel he is talking to our client’s office.  Our agents take messages, process orders, schedule appointments and assist callers by giving requested instructions or directions.  In addition, each system can be tailored to fit specific needs – from taking all incoming calls to taking only overflow calls or only non-urgent calls.  Our representatives are capable of relaying messages from non-urgent calls to medical office staffs throughout the day via fax or e-mail.  InterGlobal provides a variety of options to fulfill the client’s exact needs.


1.      Callers are never placed on hold.

2.      Non-urgent messages are sent to medical offices via e-mail or fax.

3.      Calls can be customized to fit a business’ specific needs.

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Patient Surveys

InterGlobal provides survey features that are specifically designed to grasp honest and critical feedback from patients.  Successfully-conducted surveys can highlight any weak points or areas needed for improvement.  When speaking to patients, we ask for their response on a wide range of topics, including the ease of getting an appointment, treatment by office staff and getting test results back in a timely manner.  We are happy to tailor our surveys to fit specific needs and inquiries that our clients may have.

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