The industries we serve…


Community Health Centers

At Community Health Centers, we know that patients should always come first. ICG knows how hectic things can get at your front desk. Patients shouldn’t be left waiting or put on hold. From Appointment Reminder Calls to Call Overflow to Appointment Scheduling, let ICG free up valuable time for your staff.

Hospitals and Universities

Dozens of patients are discharged from hospitals every week. Within days or weeks, several of them are re-admitted. ICG can help to avoid re-admittance with its Patient Discharge Follow-up service, providing the extra layer of care and attention newly-discharged patients need.

Universities invest a lot in conducting valuable healthcare research that benefits the general public. Let ICG help with surveys, mailings and inbound and outbound calls so that your researchers will have more time for what they do best – research.

Health Plans

Health Plans are facing an ever-increasing number of regulations and requirements they must fulfill. In addition, there are now more health plans prospective members can choose from. Do you want your health plan to be the best choice? Let ICG help with Welcome Calls, Health Needs Assessments, Member Surveys and Renewal Reminder calls.

Physician Practices

Doctors are very busy people. Often times, they need to focus on providing medical care and shouldn’t have to worry about running their practice at the same time. ICG can assist growing physician practices by providing Live Answering Services, Patient Surveys and much more.

Health Care Organizations

Health Care Organizations sponsor a number of important conferences, seminars and other events designed to benefit the general public. As beneficial as these events are, often times the public is not aware of them. ICG can help get the word out with its Event Notification and Event Scheduling services. With its Event Registration service, ICG can help organizers plan efficiently for meeting attendees’ needs.

Insurance Companies

Insurance Companies face a litany of responsibilities and requirements that they need to meet. ICG can help with Welcome Calls for new members, Call Overflow services to assist front desk receptionists and Member Surveys to help gauge how members feel about their insurance company.


Identity theft is a growing problem. Current advances in technology inspire criminals to find more sophisticated ways to get their hands on other people’s sensitive information. ICG uses state-of-the-art processes to protect individuals with its Identity Verification service. ICG helps governmental agencies effectively reduce fraud and waste.